Sunday, August 16, 2009

How To Salty Frog: A Tribute to Star Pharmacy

I recently saw this story out of Oklahoma about an old school pharmacy-born beverage called The Salty Frog and thought since my first How-To post was How-To FAIL that we'd give it another shot.

2 Salty Frogs

A Salty Frog is:

A layer of ice
A sprinkle of salt
A squirt of lime

Judging by the clip we weren't sure what to expect. Oklahomans said they were an acquired taste that resembled frozen pickles. I thought they'd just be margless margaritas, so I let Jimmy try first.

Then we bucked it up and took our own taste taste and quickly decided that we took the "repeat" suggestion a little too liberally. Too many layers = too many sprinkles of salt. So, our Salty Frog How-To is a bit of a bust, but our Maine-Made Sweet & Salty Frog (add sugar) is what I consider a bit closer to How-To worthiness. Thumbs up to p(h)rogress!


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