Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adventures in Aspic: Part II

With one aspic adventure under my belt I was ready for another one but didn't want to $pend any more on ingredients so I perused the internet for recipes for stuff I already had. I wanted to be adventurous and suspended-in-gel hardboiled eggs were a must, I was sold on the whole cross-section effect seen on the Wikipedia.

I settled on a simple smoked salmon, egg, and cheese aspic, with squeezed lemon for a little flavor. My tomato aspic melted quickly so I wanted to make this one a little firmer. I went to bed happy with how things were going.

Today's plan was the same: to starve myself at work so my stomach would be growling for my gelatinized salmon sandwich. I thought about it all day...what it was going to look like, the sensation of slicing through floating blocks of cheese, the works. 1.5 hours before my workday was done I started getting nervous...what if everyone is right? What if it really is gross! What was I thinking?? but a phone call to Hubby and my fears were dispelled, he too was anxious for our afternoon snack. The show goes on!

So without further ado...

Salmon Aspic

I thought it was beautiful and the experience was amazing and with 2/3 left, I can't wait to see how the rest of this fetching loaf slices. Hubby the foodie normally hates my kitchen expeditions but said it was one of my best dishes ever. An aspicious success! My fingernails are growing like gangbusters!


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