Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flashography, and Exposure

I recently got a new camera and tonight I was wondering why the heck I couldn't get the flash to work. Jimmy was being so cute but the photos kept coming out like these:

Mmhmm. The camera kept telling me to "Raise Flash" "Raise Flash" "Raise the Damn Flash, Rachel" and I kept hitting buttons and picking at the infrared light but nothing was happening. I'm too lazy to dig out the manual so Google kindly gave me this video:

Commenters freak out on the person who posted it but I don't have the D70 I have the L100 and the flash doesn't come up automatically you have to manually RAISE it. With your fingers. Aha! I was filled with accomplishment and cheer and enthusiasm. Thank you gulbayram1 for showing me where my flash is located. Continuez with a proper evening Mother-Son photo session!

Except now I think I preferred it with the flash down.

Oh well. It was still fun, but I think my favorite part of today was when I read the final two paragraphs from this article from The Journal of the American Medical Association. I suppose I shouldn't be "happy" to read that others profit from our society's trust in doctors and that they do so by putting our children under unnecessary medical risks, but my heart gets a surge when I see doctors expo$ing the truth$ behind dangerous half-assed procedures. Below is the clip that led me to read the article. I was struck by Dr. Timothy Johnson's closing comment and by the level of intensity he gave in not recommending Gardasil, I'm glad he said it and I find it encouraging to the research I've been doing re: what Western medicine wants me to put into my precious one's body...and why.


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