Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mother Mary Mangia!!

The weather was beautiful and we were starving and it was August 15th, so obviously we had but one choice:

Yes, the annual St. Peter's Italian Street Festival where you needn't be Italian but you might be asked why you're there if you're not (as we were, twice.) We parked at the East End Rite Aid and not two seconds later were amidst food, games, people, GoodFellas soundtracking, food, and grease poles.

Not sure what was going on here....

...but it worked because it was beneath where these two stood that I was compelled to throw dollars out of my wallet towards a commemorative fridge magnet. I wanted to buy a Sacred Heart of Jesus magnet because of the kids-say-the-darndest-things line in Angela's Ashes ("Why is the man's heart on fire?") but ever since May 2007 I've been drawn to All Images Madonna and Child so $1.25 later I had this:

Magnetic magnet

Meanwhile Wally found himself drawn to this:

Sausage Dinner w/Root Beer

The dinner came with 2 pieces of bread and is reported to have been "awesome" and an excellent deal at $6. Homemade!

Following that, cannoli time!


And then it was time to go. After dropping us off at home Wally happily went to work with a full, content belly. Nice work St. Peter's, see you next year!


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