Monday, April 5, 2010

My Fair Polymath

Yesterday: Dairy Artist,

Today: Arbor Slayer!


Yaaaay, look closely behind the web of sticks and branches and you will see Wally conquering the dangerous dangly limbs that cracked during a big windstorm a couple months ago. What a relief! I'm so thankful for the things my hunny can do around the house, if he could only meet my level of enthusiasm for Tony Dovolani, he'd be absolute *perfection*!

Ha! J/k, of course. He can hate Dancing with the Stars all he wants as long as he keeps up those bulging Renaissance Manskills. My living Butter Lamb, my hero!


Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney....hahaha!

Joan W said...

Perhaps ice sculpting will be next! A second career on the Disney Cruise line!

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