Sunday, April 4, 2010

Buttering Me Up!

Yesterday my friend Joan W. of the Mid-Atlantic made a Facebook post about the lamb butter sculptures she places (and her family decapitates) on her yearly Easter table. I was maximumly intrigued, I had never heard of this tradition but I knew it was a MUST for us to start. Since I had to work the holiday this year I begged my talented hubby to consider starting our own butter sculpture tradition in 2011, leaving him a year to study an array of traditional Butter Lamb images and to ponder his approach.

But(ter) wouldn't you know, today I came home from work to find this:

Baa baa butter sheep,
Have you any butter?
Yes'm, yes'm,
Two sticks worth...

(Sung to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep---a nursery rhyme Wally claims to never've heard, where is he from???)

Is it not my Easter Butter Lamb gorgeous!!! I am so happy, I think she looks butterer than any of the Butter Lambs on the website. Thanks, Hunny! Best Easter Day surprise ever!

In other Easter happenings:

Jimmy prepares for the excitement in his new Easter jammies.

This morning he loved all the treats found in his awesome train basket. Thanks Joan L!

And we had good times watching Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

I love it, Rachel! Lesley

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Tell Wally I think he's immensely talented (well I already thought that, but this is just a whole other level of being impressed!).

Glad you had a good day! Andrea

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that's too cute! You could have a nice little side business during Easter!

Sounds like you all had a great Easter. Deena

PA LaPresti's said...

Awesome job Wally!!! Love Jimmy's Thomas jammies. Barker has the same set & they are adorable. Hope that you all had a Happy Easter!

Sandy said...

The butter lamb is fantastic! Thumbs up for Wally. And for Jimmy's new PJs. ;)

Anonymous said...

And the lamb lies down on Broadway... the sprig of thyme is a nice touch. I'm totally impressed. And inspired, to create a butter sculpture for next year. In the meantime, I could hone my skills on an upcoming holiday. Nancy

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed. Maybe Wally needs to start his own Butter Lamb line to sell each spring...?

Anonymous said...

Rachel, that lamb is to die for - I've got to agree - better than any of the commercially made ones. Wally has a future ahead of him - can't wait to see the turkey butter at Thanksgiving, the flag butter for the 4th of July, the holly butter at Christmas....
Jimmy is growing up way too fast - he's just gorgeous. So glad he enjoyed his day.

Joan W said...

Such talent! Such skills! We are now going to rise to the challenge for next year and make our own butter sculpture instead of buying them.

Can you share what sculpting tools he used?

As usual, Jimmy is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Wally - is there no end to the talent of that man of yours - hope not cause it looks like he brightens the world of people I love as well as those I will never know - guess i better fess up - or you will never know this is aunt b

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed!! But....never heard bah, bah black sheep? Vermont is like its own country. Tell him Eric and I say hi!! Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

The butter scupture was great.. but I just had to post to say I can't believe how grown up Jimmy looks... he is still just adorable!

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