Thursday, April 29, 2010


There's a lot of paranormality in this town, I say this as someone who doesn't follow paranormal behaviors much, but I'm always surrounded by them. My wicked old friend Michelle has a bookstore and a blog that dip in the matters, my hubby's workplace is haunted,

and back in the 70s/80s the ghost of our first dog Snoopy Elizabeth used to flip up our old-timey window shades. Wally still hears the whimper cries from the basement where our cat died last fall, and now I'm finding out that my brother's band is now coming forth with some briefcase spirit villain they found.

When does it stop, Portland? Have I mentioned the fossbeast that won't leave my house?


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Anonymous said...

Good grief - I had such a time attempting to play this clip on my other lap top that I was beginning to think the "sprit" in the brief case was infecting my system and ready to think that snoopy elizabeth lives on in Mark and was hell bent on driving ME crazy! The poor old computer is still locked up in fear - I'm now using the little netbook!

Casey said...


Just came across this post and find both really interesting. I'm an investigator with the Maine Ghost Hunters and a huge Twisted Roots fan as well. I think it would be an incredible experience to investigate Twisted Roots's practice space.

You can email me at or contact us through our web site,


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