Friday, February 26, 2010

Power Outage Results Are In

Power Outage = Hours of Poutage

Last night's storm took out one of our tree limbs...

...and it took the fence panel that shields us from neighboring Section Eightage, also some of our, ahem, dangling siding, and the most tragic: our electricity!

Thankfully it came back this afternoon, but gawd is there anything worse than sobbing with your child because none of you can understand why you can't watch the Toy Story VHS. We were a mess, an electricity-deprived mess. But not anymore, welcome back Power, you soft and velvety glow of life!!!

Ed. Note: Actually, it wasn't so bad. The power went out late, Jimmy was already sleeping, Hubby and I actually got a conversation in and I'm still congratulating myself for scaring him with a Hitchcocky "Good Eev-en-ing" when he came home to complete darkness. Waking up the storm was gone, Jimmy and I went to the mall and by the time we came home the power was back. It was scary though, there were many detours and collapsed trees in the area, we are thankful to be safe and sound. Now, how we're going to get that broken limb down...


Ron Cooper said...

Love those pictures on "poutage"--clever!

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