Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Convenient

Of the very few days we enjoyed PBS before it got monkeywrenched out of our house I noticed that Jimmy went ape for that supercute and babbly Curious George. He also goes bananas for the Curious George Live commercial so I orangutan'd my work hours so's that we can attend one of the 5 appearances scheduled the weekend of May 7th. I swung into the for tickets, opted for the cheapseats (after getting chimped out by failing 2 separate discount codes, thank you Curious George people!) and
got confronted with that handy Convenience Fee that everyone complains about. $4.30 per ticket! According to my calculator that's an extra $12.90 for the three of us, is that not bonzo. And that doesn't even include ticket delivery, the only free delivery option is a promise from the good people at Ticketmaster to mail the tickets 10 to 14 days after purchasing them. Guerrilla warfare! Then it goes from $2.50 to print them at home, and then $3 for will call, and then $13 UPS 3-day delivery from there on up. Furious George!

So this afternoon as Jimmy and I were putting about our day we dragged our knuckles into the Cumberland County Civic Center and bought our cheapseats with no fees or taxes or nuthin'!

And we weren't even that inconvenienced, which makes us happier than a barrel of monkeys that throw feces at Ticketmaster. Can't wait! Oooh oooh AAAH!


Anonymous said...

so many monkey puns!(i think "furious george" is my favorite). good to know about the bullshit charges associated with buying civic center tickets online. we're lucky to be in tree swinging distance from the actual box office. feel bad for the chumps (i mean chimps) who live out of town.

Anonymous said...

curious, furious, spurious George - glad he's coming your way - a little pricey to bring you all down here for our showing - and probably not at all convenient!

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