Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the Ho zon

A 'Ho zon' is a Plymouth Horizon that is missing the 'ri' part of its rear silvery label, or that's what my hubby tells me how it was on his Plymouthian compact vehicle of the 1980s.

Now that we're in the 2010's, on our horizon is:

Checking out the $7m upgrade to the Portland Public Library.

Taking charge of our crayon scraps.

Scouting locations for Jimmy's Birthday Party #3

Inviting folks to the privilege of participating in a write-in campaign for my ho zon hubby's band The Mallett Brothers in the Best New Act category of the Portland Phoenix's Best Music Poll (aka many pleezes and sweaty heartfelt thankyuhverymuches for clicking a write-in vote on over. <=) [also available for votes in the Best Rock Act and Best Heavy Music Act categories are: Sun Gods In Exile, Ocean, and Twisted Roots.]

Curious George, ALIVE, and coming to a town near me.

And those are our ho zontal prospects on this Sunday. And I can't jussay it enough, Sunday evenings are so much more divine when you don't have to work Monday!!! Jussayin'!


PA LaPresti's said...

I voted for Wally's band in all 3 catagories. Hope it helps. Thanks for the link & info on crayon scraps. We have been accumulating alot of small scrap pieces lately. Mr Barker loves breaking them. LOL Happy Sunday!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoops - I voted for the Lennon and Wenzel bands i.e. Sgie, Twisted Roots and The Mallet Brothers before leaving for the fitness center - but just now reread your blog - and noticed the Ocean reference - gotta go check that one out. Yee ha for Curious George - gonna take Jimmy?

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