Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventure Su'r'syot

Not to be one big Thomas commercial but I was sad that we were going to have to miss the Thomas and Friends Play Date at our local Toys 'R' Us on Saturday,

...so I took Jimmy to the ol' T'R'U on our own, with the camera!

I got the ZOMG face when we arrived at the parking lot.

Once through the doors, the Force fed the way...

...to Thomaslandia.

I can't get enough of the cute chunky Thomas trains they now have...

Jimmy kicks his heels up at the everything else.

Later, the third time popping the weasel:

(Hubby says it sounds like the broken, British, depressed robot ice cream truckman, "I'm sorry, all we have left is the Strawberry...")

And then a fruckride before some proud dedicated employee gleefully advised me that you're not allowed to take photos at Toys 'R' Us. I said "Ok" then took this picture...

...and then kept encouraging Jimmy to play with all the fakemobiles until she left. bitch

We managed to leave the store with paying $0.00. Yay, T'R'U! Lot's of fun, lots of play, lots of ideas, and no entry fee yet!


Anonymous said...

TR'U doesn't want anyone to see all the empty aisles. Looks like Jimmy enjoyed the visit.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures great kid great mother enjoyed by an anonynmous great aunt!

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