Friday, April 2, 2010

Proof That Cosmic Mind-Reading Eggsists!

Jimmy and I made Easter eggs today. One of the eggs completely broke apart in the boiling process and the empty delicate shell made me think of the egg art Christmas ornaments that my unreasonably crafty grandmother used to make. It always freaked me out that a chicken egg shell could last as a yearly treasure, but that woman could do anything small, complicated, and detailed--including drafting Escheresque optical illusions and then putting them to needlepoint, and all her work was by hand, without the use of lasers or radiation or deathrays or anything! Amazing, and today I was sorry I no longer knew where those egg ornaments were.

So imagine my surprise when a few hours later I opened a package sent to Jimmy, and found this inside:

It's a goose egg art Easter ornament! From Jimmy's great-aunt Betty, aka "Anonymous." =D THANKS, BETTY! We love it! And Jimmy had a ball investigating the remaining contents of his Easter box-asket (and Hubby thanks you for the turtles.)

Just two more days to Candyrama!


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