Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No Time Like The Tardy!

Yesterday Jimmy and I were back at Greenlight Studio, we were responding to their Facebook post about throwing another Easter Egg Hunt, presumably thrown for people like us--the marginalized who never got it together to attend a timelier Egg Hunt. Also, it was during Greenlight's Half Price After 1pm Tuesdays so we were in!

I don't think Jimmy really understood the whole concept of egg hunting, he would find them (hard not to with Mommy practically throwing them in your hands with loud enthusiasm, and zeal) but he had no interest in collecting them. He ended up with 4, and then decided the fun came in opening them.

We (Mommy) were hoping to get free passes in our eggs, but we ended up with felt stickers and a kaleidoscope and a whistle, all were very cute. I had to laugh when I heard another girl opening up her eggs: "Another can of soap..." she said over a second mini-bottle of bubbles. Ha! Cute.

We had a great time, as usual, and Jimmy drifted off into extra-sleepyland extra early that evening (score!) We also enjoyed the free gluten-free muffin samples they are introducing this week, and I think Greenlight Studios is my favorite indoor playground in the area, I just think it's more parent-friendly than the others. I like the whole cafe concept, and the size helps--it's not as sprawling as the others so you can stay in one place and keep your eyes on your little ones a little easier. Merry Belated Easter Egg Hunting!


PA LaPresti's said...

How nice! I really wish we had a Greenlight Studio here. :-( Good job Jimmy on getting 4 eggs! He fared better than we did. At the BIG egg hunt we went to, Barker only got a whopping 2 eggs & a third was handed to him by another little boy. There's always next year!

Dennis said...

Really nice pictures Rachel. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

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