Friday, June 11, 2010

The Good News, Or The Bad

I customarily prefer the Bad News first, many thanks to anyone who voted, but hubby's band didn't win Best New Act in the Portland Phoenix's Best Music Poll, BUT they came in 4th (not bad for a write-in) and the band who did win, Dead Man's Clothes, is a band that Wally records in his studio, so congrats to those guys, er, woodland animals~!

Also good news, my brother Mark's band Twisted Roots won for Best Heavy Music/Metal Act, it is evidently their first win for this category, wtg!

First runner-up for Best Heavy Music/Metal was Ocean, my brother John's band, but that's o.k. because John's other band Sun Gods in Exile pulled in first for Best Rock Act, wheeeee!

I'm pretty sure that no one I'm related to was present at the ceremony to pick up their awards, but I'm sure the recognition is nice, congrats to all!


Anonymous said...

Job well done - and recognition is fun! What a family!

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