Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok, I don't want to get too religious, but

...I kind of think I found evidence of God today. I know it shows a lack of character to be depressed about a tv show ending its season, but last week I fell into this whole void spiral, all my shows were ending, most of all, Dancing With The Stars (Hi, Derek!), so to help ease the pain I searched the internet for So You Think You Can Dance webcasts. I had heard that this show was great and a few DWTS pros have come from this show, so I figured it was worth a looksee. It took a lot of patience to search a plethoramus of shady websites, but I finally found full episodes on, but it was kind of cumbersome, it shut us off after 90 minutes and we had to wait another hour to watch the rest of it, mrraaah. Besides, I prefer to watch the shows during their intended time slot, but Jimmy did love the dancing so I figure it was still worth a shot to find the show elsewhere.

I fiddle-faddled with my antenna, I looked up maps and pointed it every which way, Jimmy chased me through several multi-room trips and several tv scans to hopefully pick up our local FOX station on my tv, but nada. This afternoon, as it was getting closer to So You Think You Can Dance's showtime, I decided to search some options online, to see if I could get another FOX channel live on my computer (the tv is hooked up to the computer, it works awesome) and hol-lah! No one ever told me about TVU Networks! Yeah, I was a little nervous about downloading the player, but a brief "tvu player scam" search turned up nothing, so here I am, watching crystal clear WTTG Fox 5 out of DC, along with the option to watch about 8 zillion other live channels, God DOES love me, and he wants me to be happy!!! I don't have to watch Losing It With Jillian afterall!!! :relief:

**7:30pm Update**
Back to the void, it appears that the Fox channels on TVU only show their news, not other programming, I've been suckerpunched by a deity, preparing for Losing It without Jillian.


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