Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

A few photos from our Memorial Day.

We had shrimp kebabs, and they were imaginarily deelish. Just as I was uploading this post I learned about the news of a former coworker, a cancer fighter, she only learned of her cancer when she was frantically taking her son to the doctor to check in on a (now be-known benign) growth in his leg. The doctor insisted on giving her a look-see and found a brain tumor, about a year ago. I'm still a little shocked about Sarah Dorsey's passing, she is well loved and well missed. It's a reminder that Memorial Days aren't supposed to be all that happy!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of yummy food, beautiful people, growing landscape and the words of a wise woman - miss seeing all the growth - but happy to see it here! Your friend and her family and yourself will be in our prayers.

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