Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just had to share tonight's dinner, it was too yummy!

The rest of the day was too embarrassing to admit, I spent it on the Frontier,

...which is something I said I wouldn't do, I recently heard someone describe what life is like on heroin, and these games are the same, it becomes very important to spend all your time and resources on fake crops aiming to 'level-up!', meanwhile your kid is drinking bleach inside an abandoned refrigerator, somewhere. Still, after planting little crops for 24 hours I got a kick out of the little crops in our own backyard.

Cute! These are the last few days before Jimmy starts preschool, we've been meaning to give him a "school haircut" but everytime it gets mentioned I see this:

and convince myself that summer preschool is "hardly real school" and therefore no need to harvest all those summer surferboy curls. (Or has hubby calls them "His girl hair." Pbfft. Whatever.) Hopefully real strawberry picking tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Repeat of an earlier post that never made it on line - great pics - great story - funny frat party similarities - kick that habit - and here's to preschool fun! Love,b

Chrissi said...

Rachel! What's on those plates at dinner?! No explanation at all? :p

~ Chrissi

Rachel said...'s shrimp, and green leafy things, and some brie and starches, I guess. It was just yummy, not how-to (how-to ain't exactly my forté.)

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