Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Early Junesday

Catnaps are dangerous with a 3 year old, after drifting off for 7 minutes yesterday I woke up to find this:

Baby powder everywhere, and I didn't get a photo of the snackbowl of catfood that Jimmy was munching on, but he was good and helped with the cleanup.

Later on we helped Daddy in the garden

The compost wriggled.

These clovers just "happened."

A little mud never hurt anyone, and messy Jimmy got hands-on.


These pots now have tomatoes in them, photos to come!


PA LaPresti's said...

At least he helped you clean up the powder. :-/ I'm waiting for my day to come when Barker does something like that. What a good helper Jimmy is! Such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

jus' thinkin' how much Gramma Lacey would have enjoyed instant and frequent pictures of similar garden activity at 361 Stevens Avenue. I love it!

Eileen said...

Yay for the tomatoes!
And Yay for having *somebody* clean up after their mess! ;)

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