Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!

It was a bit of a scorcher today, 85 degrees, and since we don't have an a/c unit at the house we instead took our little family unit back to nature's own air conditioning: the ocean. It was more like 75 degrees at Kettle Cove, the water was divine (so thought our ankles) and since it was the first day of summer it made me wonder what the temps were like in Iqaluit, Canada.

Iqaluit's weather came to mind because this morning my dad emailed me an unexpected photo of an Inukshuk sculpture who appeared in his Maine backyard (he didn't explain how...) (...and I hope he doesn't mind me sharing...)

We've all seen the "image of man's spirit" as the mascot for the Vancouver Olympics, but there's also one on the Iqaluit/Nunavut flag.

I've always harbored a soft spot for Canada and other northern countries, because of the whole "cold" thing. As much as I haaaaate freezing, I just loooove warming up by a cozy fire and I'm fascinated when humans thrive in cold climates. And Iqaluit being a newish city in the Arctic circle: Freaking awesome.

And their Summer Solstice temps: 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Ouch!!! I suppose I do like the 4 seasons afterall (ahhhh, Maine!) Happy Solstice, all!


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