Saturday, June 12, 2010

Attack of the Rachels

This has been bothering me for a while. I have this "classic" name that the babyname books tell me will never go out of style, I have a love/hate re-laysh with it, I always thought it was pretty looking, but as a child I had this neurological aversion to the "ch" sound so it was difficult to have CCCCHHHH in the middle of my first name. I'm (sort of) over the "ch" thing :minishudder: and I admit to many years of school happiness with just one other Rachel in my class, and that Rachel was my first grade teacher Sr. Rachel (a wretchel!) so I got to avoid the whole "Rachel L." thing. In the 90s I enjoyed the obscure Take Him Back, Rachel song. I liked that the name wasn't overexposed (Hi, Jen) and it wasn't tooo unique and it didn't force people into having to climb over some kooky situation (Hi, girl named Michael.) (Sorry, but.)

Since January 2010, the Rachels have been exposed. It's making me a little mental, I'm developing another neurological aversion. There's been an influx, an explosion of celebrity Rachels, an explosion of fictional Rachels, Rachels in the news, Rachels posting in your friends' Facebook comments, Rachels dominating the blogs, Rachels saturating the talk shows, Rachels invading the internet, Rachels being born, take a look they are EVERYWHERE. Rachel is the new Aiden, the name is losing whatever specialness it had, where did they come from?? I'm hoping maybe like how Aiden mutated into Caden, Braden, Jaden, Hayden, Zaiden, that the heat will back off all these RACHELS and we'll get Kachels and Braytchels, Jaychels, Hate-chuls, and Zaitchlz. Please, new mommies. Ration the Rachels, consider a mutation, if not for the future of the interplanet, then for ME!

Ok, no, wait. That mutating thing is a horrible idea, nevermind.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, Rachel, I've been thinking....

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