Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lady Luv

Today Jimmy was showered with lots of female attention. First he received an Irish knit blankie handmade by his British grandmother, then my stepmother surprised us with a supercute Tinkerbell satin pillow, and it was after that at my 8th grade nephew's school band performance where things got totally berserk.

At the performance Jimmy was being his normal squirrely self so I took him out of the auditorium's row seating and into the lobby where some other little girls were playing footloose and fancy free. Jimmy of course noticed them and was shy, but intrigued. This is a little boy who is an only child and has spent his first 3 years at home, so I was pretty fascinated with the turn of events, another onlooker marveled at the natural instincts of such a young child, that he is "hard wired" to understand that these were girls, not species precisely the same as he. Jimmy found himself engaged with 3.5 yo girl, I watched lots of flirting, lots of dancing around one another, lots of attempts to test and secure acceptance, this was way beyond peek-a-boo, it was crazy! And then once Jimmy was "in" with her, she kinda threw herself at him and he took a step back. What a playah! But then they recalibrated their "dance" and Jimmy was so gentle with her, he was interested in what she was like, what she could offer, and she was just as interested in him, it was soooooooo cute! Eventually her dad swooped in and took her back to watch the performance, but Jimmy shrugged it off, turned around and busted his way in between two 5yo girls wearing identical pink tutus and wrapped his arms around the waist of each one, completely macking on them. These two weren't ready for him and flashed me looks of "WHAT IS GOING ON," it was pretty funny, but I enticed Jimmy away, and it was time to go. Watching his respect and virility and interest in these girls really made an impact on me, and makes me even more anxious to get him into preschool, his first day starts June 28!

Once home Jimmy snuggled into the couch as I did laundry, he sunk under his grandma's blanky and paid particular attention to Tink's velvety silhouette.

I think he figures this was a good day.


Anonymous said...

Love this!!


Anonymous said...

Great reflections - and it does my heart fond1 Just had a reverie moment of my own - I wonder what Jimmy would have Henrietta saying?"

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