Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smother's Choice for Top 9 Worst Pixar Movie Titles

9) The Incredibles. This is 9th because there are presently only 9 Pixar movie titles, and I consider this one to be the best. Superhero Mr. Incredible marries another superheroine and they have a family of supers, they are the Incredibles. Sublime movie, great title, works for me!

8) Monsters, Inc. Cute, quirky title, generates curiosity, reflects the name of the company which employs the main characters, Mike and Sully. The movie's premise is a little wonky, I'm not so sure I'd want a professional scare monster to develop tender feelings for Jimmy even if he was stuck in a dangerous netherworld, but that's just me. Also, the door-apparatus is too contrived, too gimmicky, the story needs one or two more rewrites.

7) A Bug's Life. I'm assuming this title is a play-on of "A Dog's Life," the title sets up a microscopic story of pluck through muck, nothing really wrong with that, pretty straight-on, I'm sorry that I'm not as familiar with this movie as the others.

6) Toy Story/Toy Story 2/Toy Story 3. Boxy, utilitarian, but unmistakable. Some slack cut as Toy Story was the first Pixar movie out of the box. Great franchise, Jimmy *loves* these movies, can't wait for June 18th!

5) Finding Nemo. Glorious movie, I find the title only slightly less irritating than the long slew of "[insert verb here]-ing [insert name here]" titles. (See: Chasing Amy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kissing Jessica Stein, Killing Zoe, Desperately Seeking Susan, Saving Grace, Saving Silverman, Saving Private Ryan, Driving Miss Daisy, Raising Arizona, Raising Cain, Etcetering Etcetera for further details.)

4) Ratatouille. Sure, it's sort of rags-to-riches a la French rat masterchef style, the last act's ratatouille dish binds and transforms several characters. It's a FANTASTIC movie, it's a wonderful name for the movie's restaurant, not sure it's as wise a pick for movie title when you feel you have to provide a pronunciation key, agree, Gigli?

3) WALL•E. What, is it "Wally" or is it "Wall-YYY?" What. Even WALL•E himself pronounces his name "Wuh-ah-ALLL-eeeee," why not call it that?

2) Cars. Such a rich, funny movie, why such a lame title? "Cars." Blah, the movie deserves better.

1) Up. I feel like the coldest, most unfeeling earthling, the only one on this planet who wasn't moved by this story. The background noise while the old guy and Russell were in the air still gives me a headache, HOW OLD was the Charles F. Muntz character, the whole story just never picked up for me, it could partly be because of its horrible title. Listen around when people talk about this movie, they tend to first refer to it by its title "Oh, that's like in Up!" but then they have to backtrack to further clarify "Like in that movie Up!" and then they even further clarify "The one with the old guy and the house with the balloons? :swallow: That movie, Up!" I'm sorry, but that's just asking too much from me for your tiresome movie, Pixar. Get rid of it!


Chrissi said...

I hated "Up!" I cried through half the damn movie and it never got any better. Worst. :p

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