Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Indoor Lure

We've been on a pay-per-playground tear, today was at All Play Family Fun Center, and I think I'm getting spoiled by all these new places because I'm afraid today's visit has me grading All Play Family Fun Center a C, a bouncy C (any Irving Cohen fans out there? No?)

Whether Jimmy would rate it a C, I don't know, he didn't want to leave All Play any more than he wanted to leave the other places. The toddler room had lot of climby toys and fun on-the-wall things and he really loved the basketball hoop, but for me there was no "presentation." Which in some aspects was fine--I could see him from any part of the room but it just seemed less polished than Greenlight Studios or the Peek-a-Boo Center.

After the toddler room we graduated to the other areas. Again, Jimmy liked it all, it's just the Mumma in me was a little skeeved out. Why, what instills safety in a mother's heart like a Plinko table made of poorly painted plywood and naked tilty screws.

Or what family hasn't been allured by a bare industrial table scattered with wooden blocks. Thanks to Microsoft Word we learned this was All Play's "Building Area."

And then All Play's major draw: the bouncy houses. We were surrounded by other toddlers, boys and girls alike who were going nuts on ALL the houses (high! scary! kicky limbs!) but my cautious little marshmallow stuck with the 5-and-under house, and even that he didn't like much.

Probably the hardest part was keeping Jimmy out of people's minigolf games, he was very intrigued by the greens and the mini castles/bayous/hellpits. It was a full time job keeping him out of firing range of a couple preschool punks, it is the main reason I thought "maybe we'll come back when he's a little older..."

Best aspect: we only had to pay $5 for the two of us. I recommend it for moms of 5-10s, that is, if you like watching your child burn off a ton of energy, if you're into that sort of thing. =] Jimmy wouldn't object to another visit, that's for sure.


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