Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sing It, Kenny

Please feel free to play this mp3 clip for the background of today's post.

Today's post. February 6th, 2010. Our Sixth Anniversary. I thought it might be nice to visit some photos...through the kenny of our rogers years....

I find it a little unfortunate that I have appeared to have lost the photos of our honeymoon. Oops. Do know, though, that it was at Walt Disney World, and most of the other photos we have of the two of us together also happen to be at...Walt Disney World.




...and a li'l bit pregnant, and a lawta bit SICK!

...a little more pregnant...

Jimmy's Googly Future Parents:

2008 Disney on Ice...

And it all started on a snowy February day...

Six TOTAL years ago!!


PA LaPresti's said...

Love the pics! Happy Anniversary!!!

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