Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go, ..... Sports!

I used to really really hate sports until I started getting harassed with spite and virulence for my devotion for CBS's Big Brother and then realized that Reality TV Season Finales were kinda/really like sports sfinales (or whatever they're called) so I started to embrace the sentiments of following and supporting regional teams, getting all riled up, relaxing in front of the tv, etc. Today was the Super Bowliday so we got some snacks together and watched The Who, and the game/sorta.

I came into the situation rookie-rooting for the Saints because I thought it was "the right thing to do" and naturally assumed that my naturally "right thing to do" hubby was on the same team...until I started blabbering about Saintsy stuff that I knew nothing about when I detected some Saints-resistaince. I was shocked; didn't my jazzluvin' quasiblack hubby want Katrina to win(lose)??? He then admitted he was torn, over conferences. Whaaah? That's how much I know, but happy that I'm married to someone who can still surprise me. Go Sports!

And congrats to the New Orleans Saints.


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