Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Pledge to Oprah

Today I became pledger number 135,448 to swear allegiance to Oprah's No Phone Zone, which admittedly is a heck of a lot easier when we don't even have cell phones, but boy does it fire me up when I can see in my rearview some ______ steering a missile while being text-distracted behind the most precious cargo known to man.

You know you owe Oprah your loyalty, make your car a No Phone Zone today!


Chrissi said...

We got pretty much the safest cell phones available a few years ago - Nextel phones have a feature called Mobile-to-Mobile - so we never have to text and talking with each other while driving literally involves pushing a single button walkie-talkie style. =D

Pennsylvania rather infamously has horrible roads and no shoulder to pull over to much of the time where we live in rural PA, so these phones were a good compromise for us. (Also - no charge to talk to each other as it doesn't use minutes for Mobie-to-Mobile. =D)

rlw said...

My Wally used to have a Nextel phone that did that, through work. It's the TEXTING that drives me nuts. It gets under my skin that people think they're entitled to do such a thing, and the people who die from some bitch's texting makes me in.sane. I was glad that someone as influential as Oprah is putting an initiative against it.

Chrissi said...

I think It's been a year at least since I got a text from a friend to say something other than 'happy new year' or 'happy birthday' and probably three years since I tried to text a reply. ;)

I'm too old to text. ;)

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