Sunday, February 14, 2010

Clandestine Valentine

I was excited that Hubby's V-Day gift to me was a good old-fashioned housecleaning while I slaved away at work. I figured I'd be able to come home, celebrate the holiday, take a little Valentine photoshoot with Jimmy, eat lots of rich food, all of it--until I arrived to find that same Valentiney Hub shoving a giant load firewood into the house, announcy-griping that the Toddlrz had spent the prior 11 hours with zero hours napping, and advising off-hook ringing phones that he would "be there in a minute."

Well, then. That's some Valentine's Day. After watching my Valentine rush out the front door for band practice, and watching our romantic woodstove fire eat more of my formerly heart-shaped pupils as I watched my little Valentine Blog Model crushing for me crashing out on me, I wondered 'How Could I V-Win??' Didn't my Valentines realize that it's Olympic Couples Skating tonight???

When I realized...I was probably the only one who wanted to watch Olympic Couples Skating, and that I had a wealth of firewood, a sleeping toddler, and a content hubby who wasn't next to me making all kinds of "comments." In this valentine-vacuumed house. Wow. Happy Valentine's Day to ME!!!

And to you.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Molly Radcliff Headley said...

I also sat at home alone today, watching the Pairs short program, but, like you, I enjoyed the solitude! That way, the husband can't make fun of me for crying, nay, absolutely sobbing when one of the American couples was skating to the Love Actually Soundtrack - not because their program was any good, but because of the emotions hearing that movie's music brings out in me!

BTW, what was up with some of the scoring in that competition? There was a ridiculous amount of falling/high scores as a result!

rlw said...

I know! re:scores. The commentators didn't know what to think or say.

And I too LOVED that Love Actually score. I'm sure you knew at the first note, just like I did...but my dummy hubby thought it was Lionel Ritchie. NO!

rlw said... DH was commentating because we were up late enough to catch the repeats. Just clarifyin'.

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