Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peek-A-Boo! I See Screaming!

Business is booming for indoor playgrounds in this area, today we checked out the new Peek-a-Boo Children's Center in Westbrook.

Jimmy loved it, with a triple "l." Llloved it.

They had several themed rooms, here he is in the "constructiony" room. They also had "girly," and "outdoorsy," and "musicy," et cetery.

Build, build, build!

There was also some sort of "rompery" room which housed a little devil black widow baby and if anyone (including Jimmy) dared enter her bouncy lair...she'd lock her tiny hands on their collar bones and grip their throats! Spiderhissss!!!

After that hairy getaway it wasn't long before Jimmy discovered the huge train table.

At the Control Panel

This was the first glued-together track we ever used, and my nose is still a little out of joint from some mother insinuating that MY PRECIOUS SON stole her neonate's boxcar, but, whatever, Jimmy maintained his sweet disposition and we all lived. bitch.

Some time after that it was "time to go," the words Jimmy didn't want to hear, nor did he want anyone else in the 5,000 sf place to hear anything other than the highest pitch of his healthy little vocal chords. I'd never seen a little boy so opposed to putting on shoes, it was pretty bad. I apologized to the receptionist, but assured her that he thinks her indoor playground is really, really fun.

Next adventure for us: All Play. Bring your earplugs!


PA LaPresti's said...

Sounds like it was a winner! I am sooo jealous! We don't have anything like that around these parts. I'd gladly trade you our snow fun for your indoor play arena fun. :-)

rlw said...

It's so weird, we have 3 opening within a month! Maybe the trend will move down the east coast...I hope so...cuz I'm not really in the mood for snow anymore. ;)

Anonymous said...

Keeping your cool! What a lucky little boy! Just wait till he discovers he can turn those gorgeous eyes towards you and say, "But Mom, I really want to stay!"

Eileen said...

Ohhhh.... that train set is the stuff of dreeeeeeams! Love it -- and I love that Jimmy loved it so much. (And I can't stand moms that feel the need to step in to kid-play and make nasty comments. Jeesh... let THEM work it out, lady!)

Chrissi said...

After reading this and seeing Jimmy playing with the trains, I'm even happier to be able to tell you - last night, I found those Thomas the Tank Engine 3T footie jammies Spawn never wore. (The tags are still on them!) Send me a PM on the boards with your address and I'll drop them in the mail when I'm in town this weekend. =D

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