Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm a little sick of the Olympics (bring back Poker After Dark!) and now my little guy has a touch of the flu. =( His mouth-breathing and gurgly struggles to sleep gave me the opportunity to feel like quite the mother; I dug out the Mentholatum ointment for the very first time. Well what do you know, it semi-works.

Other stuff:

Raising insurance premiums for Facebook/Twitter users, in the UK at least.

Finding the right car seat upgrade for a car like ours sucks.

It's Lent Week at Shaw's Supermarket, apparently. Lots of seafood sales, hot cross buns (you're not supposed to get good sweets during lent, I guess) and plastic saint medals from the gumball machine to accompany other collections. Be sure to rush in, only 33 days left of Lent Week.

Tomorrow night, Hubby competes on Team Dead Kennedys vs. Team The Misfits for The Clash of the Titans.

And that's been the past few days around here.


PA LaPresti's said...

Hope Jimmy feels better soon. Nothing worse than when our little ones get sick. :-(

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