Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day On The Town

Jimmy is now apparently dating, or playdating at least and today's big date was back at the Greenlight Studio with Elizabeth, daughter of my longtime now-Massachusettsian friend, Shelly. Jimmy and Elizabeth first rendez-vous'd just the way Shelly and I used to in the the bar.

Things were going well for Elizabeth and Jimmy so they advanced to a table date which ended up being a bit awkward for any onlookers, but Jimmy didn't seem to notice that he was making Elizabeth upset by eating off her plate so all was good with him.

Elizabeth's disgust over Jimmy's table manners was eclipsed by his cooperative interest in home management.

Which made things go so well that Elizabeth and Jimmy agreed to enter a "taking the plunge" challenge.

Here is fearless, confident Elizabeth:

And Jimmy..:

...and eventually...

Yaaaay!!! Mazel tov!

And then the two just had to test out "Happily Ever After + 50 Years":

It was an excellent date on the town! Thanks Shelly, Elizabeth, and MeeMee!


Angie said...

Jimmy's belly is just calling out for a "Zerbert"! Love it!

PA LaPresti's said...

How cute! Playdates are awesome, we love them. :-)

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