Friday, March 19, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring

The frogs are out!


Naw, but seriously, it started with open windows in December, we had the mostest mildest winter ever which has seemingly snowballed into an early spring. I could have used a little more snow this winter, but whoa, globally warm apologies to the polar bears because I could seriously get used to this March spring weather!

Today we even got a couple hours of yardwork in, but my self-congratulatories for our efficiency sort of nosedove when hubby reminded me that we weren't in fact ahead of last year's yardwork because last year we did the responsible thing and raked the yard the previous fall. Oh.



Anonymous said...

r u sure that isn't just a wannabe frog? looks like a cute little polly wog - or should one say a little tadpole. Happy spring!

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