Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Peeps Are So 'New Testament'

Check out these Passover Peeps instead!

I made good on my promise to make Homemade Peeps (complete with presumption that they wouldn't turn out looking like these) but when it came to form and decorate the only suitably sized cookie cutters I had were Jewish ones. And still, they are only as good as my handiwork so if you can't tell they are Dreidels and Stars of David, how Eastery! But I did skip the Menorah one, so mazel tov!

Other happenings:

Hubby builds a Death Ray, I mean Digital Antenna and shoots rays of death at my beloved television habits! Now our current reception consists of:

CBS (sorta, it often pixelates which is nothing new since the stupid DTV conversion)

So, the PBS we recently acquired is back gone, and there's no ABC, which throws out 5 years of solid tv loyalty, but who's counting. Farewell brain-buildy PBS news, make way for Judge Joey and Tyra Banks, I guess.

My marshmallow experience. I couldn't believe how easy marshmallow is to make, I already had most of the ingredients except I traded corn syrup for the organic rice syrup I got for some other recipe I never made. I felt very professional using a candy thermometer and everything went great until: spreading the mixture into the pan. It was then that Hubby announced the only difference between my marshmallow mixture and Napalm, I think I was too busy being mad at his unsupportive comment to listen to the rest of his comparison, but do know---it was really tough to spread!

And this morning I spent 3 hours in this wet line for these:

Wheeeee! I'm glad they got rid of the pipe bombs directly across the street before he got here!


Molly Radcliff Headley said...

I'm so jealous that you get to see B.O. speak. I wish I lived in a "progressive" area that didn't hate black people. Then maybe I could Barack 'n' Roll!

Molly Radcliff Headley said...

PS. Jewish Peeps are

Anonymous said...

Can I come to your house before the Easter bunny gives away all those wonderful peeps/ Still my favorite! Great pic of you and your dad!

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