Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tire-d Of That Face? Never!

I've always admired that my son is so unassuming. I admit, I used to really-can't-stand-it when kids got spoiled and acted cutesy with fake smiles and fake laughs as opposed to just behaving like themselves naturally. Jimmy's mama knows how gorgeous he is, but he's never acted as though he thinks it, and I like that.

Today he and I were getting tires at Sears and as we were standing at the cash register Jimmy looked me in the eye with this crinkly nose smile and devilish twinkle in his eye. I gave him an encouraging smile of course but my first thought pretty much was "hmm, that's weird, he doesn't normally give me that look" with a subthought of "oh gawd, no, fake smiling with intentional focus on eye twinkle, no, obnoxious!!"

But as my eyes went from Jimmy back to the counter associate, I caught a glimpse of the latest Michelin Man promotion.

He was doing the Michelin Man face! Oh phew, crisis averted, have I ever mentioned how cuuuuute my son is? ;-D


Anonymous said...

Must be some weird talented gene that runs in one side of the family. Seems I recall another young lad who bore a remarkable resemblance to the Pillsbury Dough Boy - infact he even sounded like him - but then you my dear were probably too young, back then.

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