Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Closer...

It's March 22, this afternoon I happily ushered my birthday-shopping hubby out the door and then caught Jimmy stealing a little sniff of birthday flowers.

Once Wally came home he gave me an excellent present: A Nap! Since we had dinner plans I asked him to not let me sleep past 5:30. At 5:30 I woke up to one of the best sounds created on earth:

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Incomparable Spandau Ballet

Does my hubby know me or what. Watching the video led into many smatterings by yours truly about Tony Hadley's handsomeness, but I had to eat my words when I met my dinner dates:


We were headed for Newick's Lobster House, where you can eat for free on your birthday.

My license says today is my birthday which may explain why I could eat for free on not-my-birthday (and it's not exactly "eat for free" either, it was $10 off my meal, which is better than most restaurants offer so I was happy.)

Jimmy didn't want to sit in his booster.

But he and Daddy got some good drawing in nonetheless.

And then Wally announced that one of my birthday presents was "blue and had numbers on it." Ok. And that I had "already seen it." I was stumped. He normally doesn't like to ruin surprises, but there was a puzzle in front of me that I had to solve. Blue with with numbers... Was it a lottery ticket? No, it wasn't a lottery ticket. Was it the sky? No, not the sky. Was it bigger than a breadbox? No, it wasn't bigger than a breadbox. Was it in the house? It wasn't in the house, it wasn't a racecar, it wasn't Thomas the Tank Engine, it wasn't anything my little rock noggin could fathom. I like to think I'm normally better at puzzles of this sort, but I was coming up blank. I asked what the numbers meant: "They mean you won't get pulled over by the cops." Ah ha. He was right, I had already seen my blue, numbery birthday present, and I like it very much.

And then our meals arrived. Wally had Fried Clams and Calamari:

And I had the Butter, I mean Seafood Medley:

And Jimmy had Mac&Cheese. My meal was so rich with butter I had to stop eating it halfway because it was giving me a headache. But Wally's fried clams were fantastic!

And then it was home for the premiere of my favorite show:

(I know he's at a completely unfair advantage, but Go Evan!)

So, on top of the surprise food day my coworkers threw me on Saturday:

...I am continuing to enjoy Birthday Week 2010, I'm not sure how I got so fortunate!


Sandy said...

Love the picture of Jimmy sniffing the flowers. So sweet!

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