Friday, March 12, 2010

News Muse

I've recently picked up PBS reception and had one of those "holy crap" moments when I watched their 6 o'clock news, in 5 minutes I felt like there was a giant mass of noise and junk in my head, and that I put it there by watching network news for so long. Like, if I closed my eyes and thought about what I had learned from 5 solid years of ABC World News, all that came to mind were pharmaceutical commercials.

A few days later, last night I walked away from the tv altogether, I turned it off and turned on the radio--Coast to Coast (without Art Bell) was on and within moments I was filling Jimmy's magnadoodle with tips I didn't want to forget. I looked at the magnadoodle this morning, it said "Beans, Bullets, + Bandaids," that these were the items we needed to stock up on in preparation for 2012.

Oh kaaaaaay, maybe that was a little more extreme, which is probably why I cloud my mind with so much network junk. I guess I'm looking forward to maybe getting smahtah with BBC World News.

And many thanks to Andrea for this funny:

The formula of every news story, gotta love The Onion!


Dennis said...

You are exactly right. Now that all of the broadcast media is owned by the big corporations news is a cash cow driven by ratings. I loved that faux news clip.

Anonymous said...

hey! try the new york times on line - granted a wee bias but it is my kinda bias! I really felt yesterday's blog - now if i were a fairy god-mother - seein as I'm not - i think u are doing wonders!

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