Thursday, December 3, 2009

December's Giftorium

Today Jimmy got to revel in his very favorite sound: Motorcycles. All summer long he went nuts for motorcycles and today I realized how much he's been missing BBRBBRRBBBLLBBBRRBBMMRRRBBBing with them all. If I were reading this I might assume that I was reading about a Christmassy tradition of sniffing woodstoves and cradling cocoa while watching Badass Santa on His Motorbike on Tee Veee, but no we weren't, we were listening to motorcycles on the street. And we heard them so well because our windows were open. We live in December! In Maine! It was 67 degrees today, freakishly warm, a nice holiday season treat for sure! I hope to think of this day as I come whitey face-to-face with a Polar bear who was lucky to have floated southward. Have I ever mentioned the Waterfront Housing of the Future that we bought here? I'm assuming if the internet lives after 2012 that my great grandchildren can Google this. Merry Christmas, my darling Great-Grandchildren, I hope you enjoy holidays at the waterfront ranch. (Is anyone named after me??) (Or Al Gore, at least?)


PA LaPresti's said...

Where on earth is all this warm weather coming from??? (not that I'm complaining) We had unseasonably warm weather yesterday followed by a massive thunderstorm last nite. It is a nice relief after a few colder days tho. :-) Glad that Jimmy got to hear the BBRBBRRBBBLLBBBRRBBMMRRRBBBing of the motorcycles.

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