Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Kicks a Domino's Dotted Ivory Tile?

...a Little Caesars Hot-n-Ready pizza! I found out today. Domino's may have that cool (newsworthy?), probably fake pizza tracker and a crust that makes your stomach ask "Is this even food?" but I'm happy to report that Little Caesars with its edible product, rules. I know so because my father was nice enough to extend my birthday just an ickle bit longer by treating us to lunch and to some other birthday gifts, Thanks Dad and Joan!

Hail! Hail!

Fail! Fail!

*I also learned that the Dominos box is encrypted with lots of occult symbolism, as are many other corporate logos, it's true, I learned it from This Guy.


Dennis said...

Ya but...what are those symbols on Caesar's toga, also notice that the piece he is about to devour is an isosceles triangle with straight line not an arc as the base??? Why is the "a" ahead of the "e" in his name, what's up with that? Liked Jimmy's hair cut and his choice of fav videos. Hope your next birthday week is a good one w/o the sick day.
Love Dad.

Rachel said...

Oh, that little caesar is riddled with symbols 4sure, didn't you see me giving it my praise. =D Those are definitely nonilateral canted squares on his toga!

Anonymous said...

you are two are too much for me - scientific mumbo jumbo mathematical mystical geniuses but love you both anyway!

Molly Radcliff Headley said...

This post really made me laugh. The blog about the Domino's Pizza tracker made me cry though. There's one dream, shattered. I will say though, at least in our case, Domino's is right down the road from our house, and when it says it's out for delivery, it shows up about 3 minutes later. We won't discuss why we're so lazy we won't go pick it up ourselves.

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