Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Little Diddy 'Bout Raytch and Diane

During a historic week at American Broadcast Company I couldn't help but notice how many parallels my life shares with, you guessed it, Diane Sawyer. Certain contrasts and comparisons may be observed below:

As ABC celebrated Diane Sawyer's fond adieu to Good Morning America, so begat similar plans for me and my job...but hark, if you look closely at the final row in the chart above, you will notice that as Diane heads for the evening news that I myself am not fully hanging up the headset. I'm finding it hard to completely break up the dysfunctional relationship I have with my job, and we have decided that there are aspects we can still use and abuse about one another. Such as, my job likes that my pulse and breathing capacity and warm body continue to work in a cubicle throughout the weekend, and I like the fact that it writes me checks. SO, I'm staying on for weekends. I'll work two 10-hour days on low-key Sat and Sun and keep many of the benefits. Yaaaay! Sort of the best of both worlds for Diane and Me, as we chart courses for bold new adventures in bold new capacities. Diane Sawyer and I, we are the new frontier, we are so much alike!!! Hiccup!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, that is a tribute to your excellent hard work and great work ethic. Love the holly acorn substitute. But that line about DS's fond adieu sounded cheesy.
I can heard you now: Oh dad!

rlw said...

It's called SHAKESPEARE, Dad. If you were an English Major like Diane and Me ye'd know that.

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