Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 8th of the Month

It's the 8th of the month, the day of trepidation as my fingers boldy address the keyboard while my breaths tread but gingerly as I log into my online banking account, then I cross those fingies in anticipation that the $$$ total of my account is $xxx.xx less than it was the day before. It's the day the mortgage company withdraws our mortgage payment, with escrow, the day my math doesn't bounce, the monthly tradition of breathing a sigh of relief and reassuring myself "they're gonna let us live here for another month."

This month's 8 marks a special occasion, it's the five year anniversary that we bought this house. Happy housey-versary to us!!! 60 payments! Only a mere 300 to go! We are stylin'!!!

To celebrate the Special Day, I found some "BEFORE" photos of the house we bought, and some reasons why we quickly wondered "RALLLLPPPHHH????"

The best (only) compliments we ever got were on the Home Depot general issue front door. Oh yes, our champagne glasses refused to ching that night, instead we founded the anti-ching along with a determination to make things better.

My wonderful husband has worked wonders on this house, a home that keeps presenting me with frequent treasures even today--this evening was the first time it registered in my ickle head that in the non-leafy months we can see The Eastland from the backyard of our urban suburban industrial municipal homestead.

See the red light! It's there. This delights the cosmopolitan cockleparts that still live in my wee heart. Happy Anniversary to us!


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