Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Twis the Night After Christmas

It was a Magical Christmas for 2009. A brief relay:

After opening Christmas morning pressies with Uncle Mark and Aunt M, we had a relaxing baba with, you guessed it, the FUTURE PRESIDENT.

After that I opened an email from, you guessed it, the CURRENT PRESIDENT. "A Historic Vote" it was titled, and evidently was part of a group email as the Boston Globe reports on how Obama calls the Senate vote "historic", but for me the Christmas Magic is that I have a president who doesn't put the word "an" in front of a noun that starts with consonant, and that Anne Heche might be completing her civic and patriotic duties, like I insisted she must. Thanks, Anne! Merry Christmas!

Then, food.

Hickory Smoked Duck, Lamb Pie (a la The Hours), and My Good Cranberry Jello (it's not Christmas without my good cranberry jello--but I'm the only one who seems to think so!)

Figgy Pudding


Salmon Mousse

Timpano, a la Big Night

Bûche de Noël with Meringue Mushrooms

The Bottom of the Glögg

And visitors, and gifts!

Jimmy's Grampy made him this stool

...they also brought the singing snowfamily that Jimmy's been playing with all day. "DONG! Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Treee......


Possibly the biggest piece of Christmas Magic:

My father got them to remove the extra A from this kickasserole dish! Amazing! And quite the crowd pleezer, even for those (many) at the party who don't read this blog. I can't wait to fill it with bonafide kickasseroles though I must admit, it puts on the pressure! :practice:practice:practice:

Today, the 26th I'd like to wish my Aunt Betty a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

We spent the day chillaxing and I asked the Magic 8 Ball "Could there be anything cuter than this?"

And it said:

I rechecked, and got a little spooked when it said:

Why, yes that was Figgy Pudding that Jimmy was eating on his new Thomas stool, how did Magic 8 Ball know that? Another shake:

Ok, that was enough. Magic ball gone now (and without any figgy pudding.) I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Now it's on to New Year's and then: months and months of winter! Yaaaaay.


Anonymous said...

"Rachel, Rachel,I've been thinking..."is there any better way to begin one's 71st year than with an online greeting accompanied by such wit, grace, wisdom, and lushious pictures? just might be relishing the fact that you are surrounded by love and the best of it by your own making - you go Wally!

Anonymous said...

Obviously that 71 year old lady hasn't figureed out how to get her name in print on this blog - besides it's after midnight and she better go back to bed contented that her niece knows who she is anyway! Love you lots!

Chrissi said...

Timpano and Glö Please? =D

PA LaPresti's said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas! I love Jimmy's new Thomas The Train stool. It is so cute! Merry "belated" Christmas to you & your family! Take care!

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