Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, A Year Of...

Facebook tonight is full of people commenting on 2009 being a great year, or a bad year, a healthy year, or a year of struggles. Happiness in early spring, only to meet year's end with a big bang of woe. A year of pride, a year of shame. I dunno, I never remember things by "year" like that. The shit I'm experiencing now is going to continue into...tomorrow, right. 2010, right. Every year is a year of moderate health and reasonable poverty, right. 2009 was just the same I guess, I don't really remember.


I DO remember our annual NYE pre-Wally Leaves For Work buffet. Why, I even have photos!

Tomato and Olive Aspic

Aspic with Kickass-Kugel, Panettone, Nuts

Holiday Lutefisk!


Stuffed and geared up for a new year of...idunno. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

From the shores of Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas I be wishing you a twenty ten full of days as colorful thoughtful and well turned out as the feasting photos of your celebration! auntb

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