Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Lederhosen vs. The Lederhosed

It stands to reason, I get a lot of comments on Jimmy's Christmas Lederhosen...maybe because it looks like he was made for them.

If I may ask, take a moment to compare and contrast Jimmy's photos against those of the leder-models:

Is there any question who wears it best?

Ich denke nicht.


Chrissi said...

I have a serious case of envy every time I see these photos of Jimmy! He wears it like he wears lederhosen all the time!!! =D "Just chillin' in mein lederhosen..."

I so want to dress Spawn up in traditional Russian clothes and sign him up for classes at the Russian cultural dance center, but CS Dad is having no part of THAT. :p (Something about being scarred for life as a child, I guess...) How cute would Spawn be in his little kosovorotka and lapti? =D


I think you've inspired Spawn's school photos for this year. ;)

Anonymous said...

He sure has my vote - maybe a second career!

rlw said...

Chrissi. CS Dad doesn't know what he's talking about! ;) The kosovorotka and lapti are AWESOME. CS Spawn will appreciate the cultural experience. =D Go go go!!! =D

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