Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vermonstrative Visit

Since the last post us Ventcils have been to Vermont and back, it was an interesting journey, we weren't sure what to expect but the trip's results were as good as could be expected, I guess. Hubby was a little _____ (<--I trust you to come up with your own word for this) about seeing his ma in such an ill state, but once we got there her spirits were up and it appears to me that she has accepted her fate, which falls in line with her personality--I never took her for a dramatic or emotional lady, instead she takes things as they come and only looks back in matter o'fact-like pragmatism. She is an unpredicted knitter and healthy gardener and keeps her home cozy with warm pillows and light-catching knick-knacks and kitchen supplies, and she instructed that I made myself at home as she skipped some of the many naps her illness has brought into her life so that she could spend some lasting moments with her son, and her *active* grandson (in Jimmy's defense she is the one who had TWO whoopie cushions in the house! <=) I don't want to say too much, just that it was a very special and successful trip. I will say I am sad to report that the leaf peeping in the Green Mountains of Vermont wasn't as good as here in Maine. Vermont's leaves were peaking, but they looked more

When the ones in Maine and NH are more

Wally's mom described this year's Vermont colors as "dull." It was the kind of statement that had the potential to sink an anchor into my gut, that she has a mountain full of trees in her back yard and what a betrayal of nature to cheat the woman from the brilliant colors she could be enjoying in her final fall season (final season?) But to her, it was just another placid observation, that she's seen the same trees change color for 25 years, and that the best adjective for 2010's leaves is "dull." She says it with no disappointment or resentment, just a matter of fact. Fascinating.

Other things that happened--we got to watch some satellite tv (!!!) which led to 3 first-time viewings of 3 shows that I always hear about but never get the opportunity to see. First up:

Glee. I did have a reaction to the show (the reaction was: meh) but my instinct tells me it was a less-than-spectacular episode and that it deserves more watching.


Curb Your Enthusiasm. OMG, hysterical, but you probably already knew that. I knew the show was about "neurotic" Larry David, but I never conceptualized him as this neurotic. Winner!

And lastly:

Yo Gabba Gabba. This one made me feel very "in" and "hip" as a mother, last week my Facebook news feed was full of hip local parents who attended the Yo Gabba Gabba production that came to town last week and I sorta felt left out. But now we've seen it and Jimmy loved it, and I confess, 45 minutes into watching Nick Jr. made me contemplate getting cable into the house. WILL she do it??? Only time will tell.

Jimmy did great throughout the trip, I was so proud that he was full of kisses for the right people at the right times, and special thanks to Gramma Norma and Grampy Pasta for getting us a room at the Clear River Inn. It was great!


laurie said...

So glad you all had a nice visit with Gramma Norma. Hope Wally's doing okay.
And welcome to the world of Gabba! Since leaving daycare and starting preschool there is SO much less TV in our lives (the girls lives, anyway) and so special afternoon treats of watching a little Gabba while Mumma cooks dinner is a highlight of the day. Something about those strange creatures enthralls little ones.

PA LaPresti's said...

So happy that you all had a good trip & got to spend some time together. :-) My heart goes out to Wally, you, Jimmy & the rest of the family during this time.

We LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba!!! It's like acid for kids. lol I honestly think that the reason our kids like it so much is the fact that each little segment is fast paced & keeps them from losing interest in it. We wanted to go see them live but weren't able. There's always next time! :-) Take care & we will talk soon.

Betty said...

Sounds like a well traveled even blessed trip with a few fuzzies here and there. Eyes to see and ears to ear! Hope Gramma Norma's pain level is being well controlled and that she has a good support system in place.

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