Sunday, October 10, 2010

The State of the Union

Good news! After 4 years the State Theatre is reopening and my smart and talented husband is part of it! Wally lurvingly did sound there for years before it closed in 2006, it was on the sad end of devastating to witness this venue vanish like it did. They even interviewed him about the phenomenon, he was so devoted to the building and appeared that so many others were as well, it was a huge loss to the city.

Then in May the announcement came, the State Theatre--the place which was solemnly rumored to never reopen again, ever--was reopening. No way!

The new management is very exciting, look what they've done to the insides!

Wally tells me the people they've hired are all professional and proficient in what they do, feel free to check out the fall schedule. Alas, in the state of our union, with this awesome fall schedule Wally will be working most weekends, which means.... ....I'mnotworkinganymore. Full-time SAHM I am, and I appreciate your support in the matter. In the meantime, some more fanfare of this grand, grand reopening!

(Circa 1930.)

Wheeee, a great time for the city of Portland!!!

(Photos courtesy Facebook and Portland Monthly.)


PA LaPresti's said...

Yay, Yay & YAY!!!! :-)) That is such awesome news! Congrats Wally! I am so happy for you!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of SAHM's. :-)

Chipper Jules said...

Congrats on both counts! She is a beautiful building, and I know you will love being a full-time SAHM. I am thankful for the part-time, super flexible, bring your child to work job I have - but am a bit jealous!

Rachel said...

Thanks ladies, I appreciate it! =D

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