Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks Uncle Sal!

Wally has an enamorment for the landlord of his recording space, Sal. Uncle Sal is like a, well, an uncle to him and we are periodically recipients of his garden foodstuffs. This week we got:

Swiss Chard

Grapes (Sal turns these into wine, of course.)

A peek of the most delicious Bell Peppers ever!

And a bunch of pears!

Which I baked into a pie.

Mmmmmm! Thanks Uncle Sal!


Anonymous said...

I am impressed with that pie - and those grapes are as tempting as JImmy's questioning look. Sure wish I were closer! Enjoy your first weekend of unemployment!

PA LaPresti's said...

You are making me hungry!!!! That pie looks so delish! Good job Momma! Enjoy your weekend with that precious biggie boy of yours. :-) {{{HUGS}}}

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