Friday, October 1, 2010

Sparkle Motion

There's a lot of good things about Jimmy's preschool, but this dazzle 'n' bauble-loving mumma thinks that the very best part has got to be the surprise crafts I periodically find in his backpack. A few weeks ago I was presented with my newest and favoritest NECKLACE:

Pasta Posh

And today it was my new sparkle bottle, complete with a blue accent marble.

I love it and cherish it, but not as much as I cherish the way Jimmy shakes it with his entire body. There is no doubting his commitment to sparkle motion, a little Jimmy-shimmy goes a long way!


Betty said...

Oh the wonder of it all - great that you cherish it so - may your weekend work - fly by quickly - great pictures - thanks.

PA LaPresti's said...

I *heart* it too! Good work Jimmy! :-)

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