Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ready, Set, Match?

You always hear it, the "Aw mah gawd, I so like hate it when people are like boyfriend-girlfriend and they dress alike, that is so grossse!" and you see the people at the mall or at the places where tourists go, these two clean cut hetero people, both possessing the same level of man-ness between them, both wearing yellow and white striped rugby shirts with tan chinos, or some other version of couples dressing alike. What I don't get is---how does this happen? What IS the conversation? 'Cuz whenever I get goofy and jestingly suggest it to Wally, there's always one answer: a hard NFW. Like, he doesn't even entertain the joke, that's how serious he is about not doing it. In real life there have been times when he's changed shirts once he realized we were similarly dressed, so when it does occur with couples, I'm completely in the dark, who does the suggesting? ("Let's wear identically matching rugby shirts!") And who does the agreeing, the man, the woman, who? When and why do they do the shopping? How does it happen, inquiring minds want to know!

Ed. note: Ok, so when I went to search Google Images for a good picture to post for "couples wearing matching shirts" I thought I kept coming across the same couple in matching shirts, it seemed like "Ok, so these two just go everywhere and post their matching photos online a lot" but as it turns out, they're not the same couple, they're a bunch of Asian couples. So, a lesson in culture and in paying attention all in one. Whoops, nevermind!


Chrissi said...

Walt and I occasionally end up in matching shirts - mostly because we like the same colors and tend to shop in the same kinds of places - Old Navy, Target, etc.

Once in a while, for a family photo, we'll deliberately dress alike, but not matchy-matchy. And it's all my doing. Walt is indifferent to the clothes on his back.

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