Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My brother Mark and sister-in-law M, and Laura and Kay are home from their most recent 3 week trip to the Newstart Children's Home in Zimbabwe, and here we are with some awesome treasures! From M and Mark we received this wonderful soapstone carving of Wally, Jimmy, and me:

Does that just not say it all. LOVE IT!

We also received a hippo carving:

...which goes only too well with my other soapstone hippo:

Hippo and Child

And lastly, written responses to the letters Jimmy "wrote" to the kids at Newstart.


Each of these is packed with personality, it is unreal. These kids are so well spoken and surprisingly introspective and present themselves with a level of class that I am certain is not taught in our American schools. As I read them aloud I knew they were something special, but it really came true when Wally started picking them up and also reading aloud. Just magical, many thanks to these selfless folks who travel on their own time and dime to help out. These gifts have made my week!


Betty said...

What a lovely post - it doesn't get much better than gifts from the heart - family out loud so fully alive!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Betty. It really was fun!=D

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