Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29th the day Jimmy's class wore costumes and went singing at a local nursing home. Everyone melted for Captain Jimmy, was too cute! After that we decided we wanted to check out the other October 29th event, the opening of Portland's Trader Joe's!

I hit a little traffic coming upon the site. It kept getting denser and I started thinking "nooo...this can't be becau--. Can it?"

Affirmative, the gridlock was caused by all kindza new Trader Joe devotees. Getting around the parking lot was impossible, the guy they had directing traffic was completely overrun,

...and with my rearview mirror looking like this:

I decided to put off my first trip for another time, which ended up being later this afternoon. My first impression = AWESOME!! It's like Deliciousness and Disney World and Great Prices and Maine all wrapped up with Groceries and excellent customer service. They thanked me for being there. ME! There were thousands of other shoppers there and they still managed to make me feel special and welcome. With that level of customer service, I can pretty much cross Trader Joe's off the list of places that might hire me, which is fine because I'd much rather just shop there. Happy October 29th!


laurie said...

I can't WAIT to go check it out! I was telling DH how excited I was about it, but he just doesn't get it. =)

Rachel said...

It's awesome. I came home and announced to Wally that it was a 'haven' the same whey they described the factory in Schindler's List, which is a little irreverent I guess, but it is AWESOME in there!

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