Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Salmon, Jammin', Computer Dealz Examinin'

It wasn't intentional, but I thought it was interesting when I realized that last year on Labor Day we ate salmon that was shaped like a fish and this year on Labor Day we ate salmon that was shaped like a sausage.

The salmon sausage was...ok. I guess.

And then today, Jimmy played the guitar.

And his school season is off to a great start, yay fall! I heart fall, summer stresses me out and summer 2010 really stressed me out. With any luck next year we'll have a laptop that works wirelessly, sad but true it would make such an impression to our happy home upon a major artery. If you were short on cash and needing a kitchen computer, would you buy this? Just wondrin', cuz I was thinking about it. Hope everyone enjoyed a happy Labor Day Weekend!


PA LaPresti's said...

Happy belated Labor Day!!! Rock on Jimmy!!! He is so damn cute!!! Glad to hear that school is off to a great start. Asked Hubby your question & he said his answer would be "yes". {{{HUGS}}} from PA. :-)

Rachel said...

Ok, awesome, thank you Leann and Craig! That's what I was hoping to hear, many belated labor day wishes from Maine! =D

Adam said...

That's a neat little PC. If you just want to surf the web and write, it would be more than adequate. Though you may want to use an external keyboard - even though my laptop has a full-size one when in the house I prefer a real keyboard.

Dennis said...

maybe some paint remover could clean it up ;-) i like it though.

Rachel said...

Thanks, Men. I kinda like that it's gooey, seeing as it'll be in the kitchen and all. =D I've never used a teeny computer, I didn't think about the size of the keyboard thanks for the headsup, Adam, you're right, I just want the web mostly. Thx!

Joan said...

{Hand raised proudly} I bought it last month from Dell with a coupon, and I totally heart it, slime attributes and all. The keyboard takes some time getting used to it.

I bought my girls purple and lime ones for Christmas last year. They are of the One Big Gift for Christmas age now and would die if I bought them clothes. They use them at school instead of laptops and swap documents back and forth via thumb drive.

Not a fan of salmon, but do heart me the chicken sausage at Sam's Club.

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